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   The Academy of Moore County is a tuition-free, public charter school established in 1997 to offer area students an alternative to traditional public schools. As a charter school, the Academy is a public school with the atmosphere of a private school including small classes, uniforms and a dedicated and highly-trained teaching staff. We are dedicated to improving education for all students with a focus on preparing students to become productive 21st century independent thinkers, explorers and LEADERS. Our diverse student population is a reflection of Moore County and the area. Our faculty are certified and held to the highest standards. Enrollment at the Academy is open to all area students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade in Moore County and all surrounding counties. The Academy adheres to the NC Common Core and NC Essential Standards with an emphasis on a well-rounded, traditional education.
We operate using an innovative year round schedule which has been shown to improve student performance. Parents find the multiple shorter breaks still give ample time for family vacations, and that the child obviously benefits in not losing ground during long summers off. Both parents and children also seem to appreciate and enjoy these breaks more than one long one.
Please vist the NC Report Cards web page to see our school Report Card.

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